Shamokin Mother Accused of Abusing Twin Infant Sons

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SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- A mother from Shamokin is accused of abusing her 21-day-old twin boys.

Police say the infants had multiple broken bones and burn marks on their faces.

Shamokin police say Tifany Walter, 29, admitted to getting angry and overwhelmed when her twin sons cry.

She is now facing assault and child abuse charges after doctors noticed multiple broken bones and burns on the babies' faces.

According to court papers, Walter took one of the boys to the hospital because when she was changing his diaper she allegedly heard a pop in his leg.

The 21-day-old child had a fractured femur and other broken bones. The doctor examined the other baby who also had fractures.

Walter admitted to wrapping one of the babies in a blanket and dropping him into a "pack and play" earlier this week at a home on North Shamokin Street.

Walter told police the pack and play wasn't very high and the baby likes to sleep on his stomach which is why she did that.

She allegedly dropped the second baby onto an air mattress. The infant landed on his back, bounced, and landed on his stomach. Then she grabbed him by his arm and rolled him.

Walter also told police she fell on the floor while holding one of the babies but can't remember which baby.

Walter told police she gets angry and overwhelmed when the babies cry and that she has been off her medication for bipolar disorder.

Walter also told cops she would not hurt her kids on purpose.

Neighbors aren't buying that.

"To me, that's very disgusting and I think she should be put away for life actually. It's a shame. It's a shame for those kids," said Antoinette Kuhns.

Walter is in jail unable to post bail. The babies are in the custody of Northumberland County Children and Youth.


  • lickerblisters

    She was off her mental meds. Well, maybe she shouldn’t have been on them in the first place. The chit is brain poison! Bad bad stuff! Even though she was off her meds, the traces are in the brain juice for a long time afterwards.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Geesh, I thought that was the FATHER in the photo!

    Just goes to show that the “right to reproduce” should not be a “right,” at all. Bringing innocent souls into the world is a massive commitment, and this thing should have her tubes cauterized to prevent any more helpless BABIES from being beaten to pulps. Someone needs to crack HER femur and roll HER around on the fracture. Stupid %#$(*

  • Ralph Turasky

    Thank God, these little babies were taken away from this so called Mother before the news story read 2 Infants found Dead !!! I just pray the “System” ie The Family Court System doesn’t give these Children back to her in the future, because She got help for her Problems… It’s a All to common Pattern to return these kids to the Biological Mothers because they “got help” AFTER the fact. This Person and people like her can not be classified as mothers when they can attack, hurt, and abuse their infants and or children.

  • mickmars

    Why is it that there are millions of decent,deserving people that would run through flaming buildings to have a child yet can’t, but worthless, flaming bags of guano like this can pop them out like a freaking pez dispenser? Break this gutter snarks fingers one at a time until she passes out. Then wake her up to burn her with ciggies until she passes out again. Then rinse and repeat.You know, just like she did to helpless 3 week old infants.

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