PVEN Moves into Larger Complex in the Poconos

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- Inside the garage of a complex building near Brodheadsville, shelves upon shelves of food are ready to go for people in need.

Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network, a food and clothes pantry, recently moved in after moving out of a much smaller location at a church in Chestnuthill Township.

"Now it's more like shopping in a store and it's a normal atmosphere for people, it's like being in a store," said Hope Christman, PVEN Executive Director.

Directors of the nonprofit bought the complex last year with grant money.

Hope Christman is the executive director and says this space gives clients the option to pick and choose what foods they want.

"So if you don't like canned peas, then you don't take canned peas. In the past, when we did our bagged distribution, if we had canned peas, we gave them and if you didn't like them, that's the unfortunate part of doing that," said Christman.

The goal is to turn this place into a one-stop shop for clients, a place where they can get food, clothing and other social services.

"I don't know anyone that comes through and I sit and register the clients for food, so I know them face to face and I talked to them every week or every month, I don't think anyone that comes through there that doesn't need it," said Lorraine Hilton, PVEN Volunteer.

Lorraine Hilton is a volunteer. She says the clothing section of the complex is very impressive and makes you feel like you're in a store.

"It gives them a real sense of dignity like they are shopping and not taking handouts. It's light and airy and it's bright," saidĀ Hilton.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at 10 a.m.

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