Hurricane Flo: Stay Or Go?

LUZERNE COUNTY -- The roadways are packed, the skies too, as people flee the path of Hurricane Florence, but there are some who are traveling toward the storm.

The Davidian sisters of Scranton are Red Cross volunteers who have been working together for years, helping people through disasters.

"We meet a lot of people and I mean after so many years of going out, we meet people we haven't seen, we have friends in every state, we have great comradery with other volunteers and it's just a very rewarding experience,” said Valerie Davidian.

The sisters are going to Virginia to hand out supplies to those in need.

They are supposed to be there for two weeks but will stay longer if they need to.

"We get to room together, we eat dinner together every night and you know it's nice we get this time together,” said Diane Davidian.

Aside from disaster workers, there are some in northeastern Pennsylvania who are hoping to head south for pre-planned vacations.

"If we can get in, if they allow us to go, we're gonna go. We have a giant house and we have, we're right on the beach, so even if we can't do right onto the beach, we still have each other,” said Melissa Colarusso of Dupont.

Colarusso has a house booked on a North Carolina beach for next week.

She leaves Saturday and says she is going to make the best of it. She does have travel insurance in case something goes wrong.

“It's really important to get that, especially if you're going this time of year, so if we can't get in, we will be reimbursed for the entire amount,” Colarusso added.

Despite the reason for the trip, emergency officials are warning travelers to use caution and stay tuned for updates on what they call "a catastrophic storm."

You can check your flight status with WNEP's Flight Tracker.

You can monitor Hurricane Florence with the WNEP Interactive Hurricane Tracker.

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