Priest Accused of Abuse Cleared by District Attorney

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The Berks County district attorney now says allegations of child sex abuse by a priest now living in Florida are false.

The accusations against the Rev. David Gillis, a former pastor at St. Mauritius Church in Schuylkill County, surfaced last month.

The bishop of Allentown removed Gillis from the ministry--along with the Diocese of Orlando where Gillis currently lives--pending the outcome of an investigation.

When interviewed, the alleged victim told detectives she was not sexually abused by Gillis.

After investigating, the Berks County district attorney concluded there was no evidence to back up the accusations made by the father of the alleged victim.


  • John Kais

    I bet the district attorney is a catholic. This whole catholic abuse has been going on way to long. These (men?) who want to become priest should stick to jerking instead of sexual abuse. I don’t care for the catholic church. Just a bunch of sexual deviants.

    • Rusty Knyffe

      First of all, you didn’t get the concept of “false.” This indicates that you have reading comprehension issues.

      Secondly, you write that “catholic abuse has been going on way to long.” Is this in reference to people abusing Catholics? Catholics abusing pets? Catholic pets abusing parish grounds?

      There are deviants and abusers in every walk of life, and other entities cover up what goes on, as well. Does the name, “Weinstein,” ring a bell?

  • Rusty Knyffe

    The problem here is that the priest, regardless of the DA’s decision, will always be under scrutiny for the rest of his life.

    Meanwhile, daddy has made a horrible false allegation on behalf of his offspring. Was his daughter actually molested? If so, the focus needs to broaden to all possibilities.

  • skookamania

    His buddies ulincy and kean were bad news in this same immediate area around the same time frame, when he was principal of Cardinal Brennan. Its no surprise accusations were brought up. Between the priests, creepy street roamers and odd youth sports coaches who knows what went on in the 90s round here.

    • Sue Phillips

      It wasn’t the girl who made the accusation… IT WAS HER FATHER. maybe they should look more closely at him instead.

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