‘Yeah, it is scary’ – Bear Encounters on the Upswing in Luzerne County

LAUREL RUN, Pa. -- Bears are becoming a common and unwelcome sight for some people in our area, including one part of Luzerne County lately.

After one bear broke into a house near Mountain Top last week, the Pennsylvania Game Commision has set up several traps to help solve the problem.

Whether it's a bear going through trash, walking along the road, or staring you back in the face, people living in one part of Luzerne County say there have been more bears sighting than usual.

Mary Cerski lives on Pine Run Road and says a bear made its way up the steps and "knocked" on her door.

"A medium-sized bear came to the front door, and as you see, we have glass in the door, so you could see and we got up and it was not a person. It was the bear," Cerski said.

After being shooed away, the bear then made its way downstairs and walked to the house next door. The bear climbed through a window in the back of the house, left, and came back once again.

"The second time he went in, he went in there and was smashing into the house," Cerski said.

No one was hurt during that bear break-in.

The Game Commission has set up traps for the bears in Laurel Run and neighboring Hanover Township.

Despite a bear breaking into his basement for bird feed, Stuart Ross didn't seem too bothered by the uptick in bear encounters.

"It belongs to the animals. This is their home more than ours, so if you want to live in the mountains, you have to deal with it," Ross said.

Cerski hopes the bear traps mean fewer bear sightings, especially at her front door.

"We will go out in the back and sit by our fireplace, and it is dark out there, and they come right up to the back and right where the cars pull in, so, yeah, it is scary."

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