Seniors Deal with Flooding Problems for the Second Time in a Month

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DUSHORE, Pa. -- Residents of a senior center in Sullivan County are dealing with high water for the second time in a month.

Newswatch 16 was there at Sullivan Terrace Senior Center in Dushore last month when the parking lot was practically underwater, but now seniors have some added protection.

The waterfall just outside Sullivan Terrace is usually a quiet stream, but with all the recent wet weather, it’s a lot louder and stronger.

“Everybody in the building says every morning we get up, 'No! Rain again!' That's all it's been doing,” Rose Morgan said.

The borough built a makeshift wall with all the rocks that came tumbling down during the flood in August.

“The borough came in, and they dug this all out, and we do feel safer. The parking lot didn't get flooded, and they kind of opened it up,” Morgan said.

People who live at Sullivan Terrace said it's kind of like living on an island when it floods. Not only do they have to worry about the waterfall run off, but they also have to worry about Bob Kast Pond overflowing.

“We're boxed in except for that steep hill in the back, and most of the seniors could never climb that hill,” Eric Lund said.

Even the baseball field and park in Dushore looked more like a lake because of all the heavy rain.

Despite these problems, some people at Sullivan Terrace are still thankful for one thing.

“With all this flooding, we've never gotten any inside the building. It has just been an interesting thing to come out on the porch and, 'Oh! Creek is up again! Again. Again,” Lund said laughing.

Dushore and other areas in Sullivan County are expected to get more rain later this week.

People at Sullivan Terrace said they can only hope the wall holds up.

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