Farmers Hoping to Dry Out Soon

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SOUTH CANAAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- All-day rain can many times help farmers grow crops, but in this case, Salem Mountain Farm near Waymart has had enough.

This summer, Brian Fox, his wife, and their newborn son have found themselves having to contend with the soggy weather -- so soggy, it's prevented them from planting for about two months now.

"This is thousands of dollars' worth of, hopefully, product. Just our time to seed all this stuff by hand and the soil, it's a heartbreaker not being able to get into the ground," said Fox.

We caught up with Fox last week on a sweltering, dry summer day.

There's too much here to weed by hand, and Fox says he'd rather be pulling those weeds than telling customers he's sorry there are not as many crops this season as usual.

"Nobody's doing great this year. It's frustrating. We don't want anything for free. We just want a chance to do what we enjoy doing," Fox said.

Despite the extremely rainy summer, Fox's potatoes have come through OK, but that's one of the few bright spots in a dreary rainy season.

"It's embarrassing. I hope people think I'm a better grower than it looks. Weeds are growing great, man."

Brian Fox and everybody at Salem Mountain Farm are pretty soaked. They're waiting for some drier weather before October so they can get garlic into the ground.

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