Flooding Repairs Continue with More Rain in the Forecast

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FISHING CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There's still lots to fix after devastating flood waters ripped through northeastern and central Pennsylvania last month.

Now, more rain in the forecast isn't sitting well with people living near Fishing Creek in Columbia County.

Many people who live along the creek hope the wet forecast doesn't mean more destruction, especially since they are still dealing with closed roads and detours.

Ditches, puddles, and buckled pavement are still all that's left of the end of Winding Road in Fishing Creek Township near Benton.

The road and many others in the area are still waiting to be repaired after flood waters destroyed them last month, causing headaches for people like John Hopkins, whose home is surrounded by closed roads.

"Our major access road, Winding Road, has been closed for a month now since the flooding, and so we're getting in here through other closed roads and detoured roads," Hopkins said.

Despite the potential for more destruction if heavy rains in the forecast lead to more flooding, Hopkins says he's not nervous. Others in his community are not as optimistic.

Members of the Stillwater Christian Church tell Newswatch 16 they are still dealing with the aftermath of this summer's flooding. More rain in the forecast now is making them uneasy.

"It's been an emotional three weeks, and so seeing this rain come in, it makes us anxious," said Jason Simpkins of Benton.

Churchgoers say they hope more rain doesn't mean more problems that have been hampering travel. They also hope PennDOT's temporary fixes aren't washed away.

"It makes all of us a little nervous, considering what we have just been through, but it's not under anyone's control," said Rebecca Beishline of Fishing Creek Township.

PennDOT plans to continue repairing roads along Fishing Creek this month. A spokesperson says crews will be keeping an eye on the forecast and areas affected this summer to try a prevent more headaches to the community.

With more rain and the potential for more flooding, officials are urging people to be prepared. They say to take flood watches and warnings seriously and plan ahead for possible evacuations, if necessary.

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