Troopers Give Details of Susquehanna County Homicide

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A fight, gunfire, and a body all led up to homicide charges for two people in Susquehanna County.

Quentin Millard, 22, is behind bars in Susquehanna County. State police arrested Millard Wednesday night after a day-long search near Great Bend.

Millard and Andrea Martel, 20, of Great Bend are now charged with criminal homicide and abuse of corpse for the death of John Amrein.

Martel told troopers she and Amrein got into an argument after she told him that she was pregnant, and he might be the father.

Court papers show the argument happened at Martel's trailer just off Route 11 near New Milford on Labor Day, Amrein's 52nd birthday.

Quentin Millard was also there.

Millard and Amrein struggled and each man ended up with a gunshot wound.

Martel told troopers that sometime after that, there was another argument, Millard swung at Amrein and the victim hit his head against a wall.

According to police paperwork, the suspects eventually took the body and tried to bury it in the woods.

Troopers found Amrein's body Wednesday morning near a natural gas well pad in the Hallstead area.


  • Sherri Cartwright Pyle

    Where is Quentin Millard’ gunshot wound??? You stated that both were shot and when he was arrested he had no gunshot wound. He hit Amrein to stop him from shooting him!!! He was defending himself!!!

  • Keli Schwarztrauber Goff

    Well seems like every story you read has a different version. This is VERY POORLY written….you actually pay people for this kind of writing?? So vague. And so different from other news stories. Get your act together!!

  • burtfan16

    This story has so many holes in it. When you write a news story like this the reader shouldn’t be left with a bunch of unanswered questions in their head. What’s Millard’s role in this? Is he a boyfriend, a friend, a stalker? Where’d the guns come from? Why was Millard at the trailer as well? Was she having a birthday party? Did Millard know she was pregnant? Were they intimate, could it Be Millard’s baby? I could go on. Get on the ball WNEP. Or hire me! I’ll put these writers to task.

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