Business Donates $50k to Flood Victims

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BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- A business in Columbia County donated $50,000 to help people recovering from last month's flash flooding. The money was given to Agape, a faith-based charity.

People in the Benton area of Columbia County won't soon forget the damage left behind from last month's flash flooding. Leann Allen and her neighbors saw damage.

"A lot of mud cleanup," Allen said. "Park Street took on a lot. They're still doing a lot of recouping. I'm seeing where houses are still being gutted."

That's where Agape comes in. The faith-based charity in Bloomsburg helps as many flood victims as it can by giving out cleaning supplies, meals, and a place to sleep.

"They hate to ask for help. Sometimes you just have to say take the help," said executive director Eileen Chapman.

But to help people, Agape needs money. That's where First Columbia Bank and Trust comes in.

"We are a community bank and we need to be there to help when the community needs us," said bank CEO Lance Diehl.

First Columbia Bank and Trust is based in Columbia County. CEO Lance Diehl brought a check to Agape.

"It was $50,000. I mean it was overwhelming," Chapman said.

Chapman says the money will go to flood victims in Columbia and Montour Counties. Many of the people who sustained flood damage are customers of the bank.

"As the years go by, the communities and our customers make the bank successful. This is an opportunity for us to give back to them in times of need," Diehl said.

Agape is always looking for donations from the community. Right now, what's really needed is furniture and cleaning supplies.

Chapman says Agape will have applications for people in Columbia and Montour Counties to apply for flood assistance.

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