Keystone Central School District Closed Through Monday Following ‘Unacceptable’ Air Quality Tests

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Mold and air quality issues are affecting even more schools in our area.

The Keystone Central School District announced Wednesday it will remain closed through Monday, September 10.

The superintendent says air quality tests in Central Mountain Middle School and Woodward Elementary were unacceptable.

The district said 46 air samples had previously been taken in the district's buildings. Two of those samples were slightly above the threshold of acceptable levels.

Newswatch 16 spoke with parents who were upset their kids were in school before Labor Day with the heat. They said they would have liked if the issue was taken care of before school started.

"We the people should know what protocols they are following, what they are actually doing about it, so when we send our kids back it's actually all cleared, not almost done. I would like to know it's actually taken care of," said parent Ashley Renzo Thompson.

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