Beltzville State Park Gets a Crowd for Labor Day

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Wrapping up the unofficial summer season with a day off from work and some sunny skies -- that's how folks at Beltzville State Park near Lehighton spent this Labor Day.

The park in Franklin Township is known for having overcrowding issues, but park managers say Labor Day is usually calm.

Some visitors we spoke to say they are happy to have room to spread out.

"At least I have enough room to swim, so I'm fine. It's hot out here, so I am going to take a dip soon," Donna Poulos said.

Park managers say they have been doing a number of different things to help with the number of people that show up to the park on long holiday weekends. One thing is making sure they have enough staff to accommodate everyone. They are also enforcing one very important rule.

"We are fully staffed and we are enforcing the no-alcohol policy to keep people calm," explained park manager Alma Homes.

Nick Poulos and his wife Donna from New Jersey are first-timers at the state park.

"So far, it looks good. They have changing facilities and it looks like a nice lake. I haven't gotten into it yet, but I'm looking forward to going for a quick dip," Nick Poulos said.

Tugba Yuldiz, also from New Jersey, says she comes every summer. She's seen firsthand how busy this place can get.

"We try to come early and when we got here I was like, 'Wow, people even came before us.'"

Surveys are being done this summer and next to help find solutions for overcrowding issues at the park.


  • Jack Irvin

    So sad what out of staters have done to Beltzville, I live close by, own a boat and you could not pay me to go there, just NJ/NY slum pond

    • jsrant

      They come here to trash the place, render the water useless from there contaminates because they don’t know what a restroom is for. Went there once aver 10 years ago, turned around and went home. I thought I was in Puerto Rico. Scumbags all around.

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