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Lackawanna County Man Struck and Killed Truck Driver in Northampton County

BUSHKILL TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man from our area struck and killed a truck driver Thursday morning in Northampton County.

The truck driver, from Canada, was standing outside of his disabled truck along Route 33 near Nazareth when he was hit by a passing car.

The driver of the car is from Jefferson Township in Lackawanna County.

No word if any charges will be filed after the deadly crash.


  • jimbrony

    PEATERMOSS said: “I was correct with my initial comment of where’s the outrage, as you can see no one else commented.” You are that Rusty Knyffe guy, because he thought he was the ultimate know-it-all too. How can you be correct about ‘where’s the outrage’ when there are no facts in the article? Was the truck driver on the roadway when he shouldn’t have been? Did he have a reflective vest on? Did he have his warning triangles set up properly? Was the car driver impaired or distracted? Was the car driver an illegal alien? Was it dark out and he had dark clothes on? See, that’s the difference between you and me. I think, use facts, reason, and logic. You on the other hand, have no impulse control and jump to conclusions. Plus you’re as dense as a lead brick. Hey dumbo, ever think for one second that my first name is Jim, and my screen name is just a play on words? Or is that too much for you to figure out too?

  • jimbrony

    On 8/23/18 11:09 AM PEATERMOSS said: “In matters of death and very little information, please have some consideration for the deceased and his or her family. Now is not the time for the sarcastic remarks.” Then on 8/23/18 at 2:21 PM he said: “Now that I shook the bush and you came out of hiding, I never, ever made a comment if someone was killed.” Once again, man of your word I see. Be careful with this one folks, don’t cross him or he’ll ‘have one stewing’ and unleash a torrent of Italian slang words on you. Which kind of suits him since he dresses up in his Super Mario costume and prowls the truck stops and rest areas for a ‘good buddy’. Hey, Labor Day weekend! Lucky you, more travelers!

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