Judge: Accused Killer Competent to Stand Trial

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- A judge has ruled a man accused in a brutal murder in Scranton four years ago is competent to stand trial.

Joseph Thornton was in court last week for his fourth competency hearing.

The order states that Thornton should remain competent if he stays on medication consistently.

Thornton is accused of killing Stephanie Tyminski in her apartment at Valley View Terrace in south Scranton in December of 2014. They were neighbors, and police said she didn't return Thornton's romantic advances.

In the order, the judge set a trial date for January 7.


  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    But jail is where we put the dangerous psychopaths , Funny how any “judge” ( and insider “experts”) can attest that someone is competent if they must be on behavior modifying drugs ( doped to compliance) has killed someone and is on his fourth competency hearing ? If jailed he will not get proper treatment from then on – mental health needs proper treatment not some bogus ” competent to stand trial ” tag being so they can dump him inside a cell till he dies .

    • gutterratt

      “Mental health needs proper treatment.” I agree with you there, but “proper treatment” will suddenly make some psychopath like this safe to be living next door to you? To me? Near a school? Working next to our mother, brother, sister, father, husband, wife? At best this such person should be in a prison/hospital for the criminally insane. If everyone doesn’t want to “stigmatize” those with mental illness then we cannot continue to use it as an excuse and an “accessory” of and for murder and other violent crimes. Where do you want to “dump” him until he dies? He killed a young woman because she refused his advances! Wow.

      • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

        No one believes this person should ever be free , The court proceedings are simply fraudulent on purpose to get him moved on . I would expect better legal procedures would be in place for such real crazies ( not the bogus :abuse killers; etc.) but lawyers don’t find money there .

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