Bishop Timlin Will No Longer Represent Diocese of Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- The Diocese of Scranton says Bishop Emeritus James Timlin will no longer represent the diocese at public events.

In a letter issued Friday by the diocese, Bishop Joseph Bambera said he is taking the recommendation of an independent review board after accusations that Timlin mishandled cases of child sex abuse while he was bishop surfaced in a grand jury report by the state attorney general.

The letter went on the say that while Timlin followed church rules, he could have done more to protect children.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    This is the global version of Sandspathsky’s situation. Dozens of people “knew” about his activities, and the one guy who speaks up and actually attempts to take action is fired, unceremoniously.

    This is the global version of that scenario. Sad to say, there’s no remedy for this type of deception.

    The most important thing that anyone can do in such a situation is to keep in mind that the human errors and flaws do not nullify the core values of the Teachings.

  • H. L. Mencken (@LITBfan)

    This man has been thrown under the bus. Meanwhile, who allows pro-homosexual speakers to give talks within the Diocese of Scranton? In the current crisis in the Church, ephebophilia is as much an issue as pedophilia.

  • tvviewer44816377

    The current pension for a retired bishop in the Roman Catholic church is approximately $3000 per month. This is in addition to having all living expenses picked up by the church. If the church was serious about Timlin they could dock his pension to help recover the lawsuit payouts while he was bishop. Now THAT would be some penance.

  • Matt Berns

    Is there a statute of limitations on the perpetuation of child abuse? He may not have done the abusing, but he knew about it and ignored it.

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