Old Warehouse in Pittston Will Become Apartments

PITTSTON, Pa. -- There will be a new place to live in Pittston soon.

This old warehouse on Kennedy Boulevard in the city will be converted into apartments.

"I hadn't heard about the project coming to the area but they've being doing so many great things in Pittston, which I think, is an amazing thing that they are going to start doing some more things in Pittston," Francesca Dibiasi of Old Forge said.

Most of the old building has been vacant for years.

"There are some small businesses in here, but it hasn't been at 100 percent capacity in a long time," Pittston's Mayor Michael Lombardo said. "So, that's kind of why we were looking at the building with the developers who were looking at doing something further with it."

The plan is to build 27 high-end lofts inside the building as well as office space and space for more businesses.

"It'll be good," Bill Hoover of Pittston said. "They're not doing nothing with it now, so whatever they do would be fine."

The people who live in Pittston said apartments would be a great addition to the area because there's a supermarket and other amenities there.

"Oh yeah, got everything right here," Hoover said. "Your pharmacy, your drug store (and) grocery stores. All that good stuff."

The project will cost about $6.5 million and about $2 million of that will be paid for by a grant from the state.

"At the end of the day, I mean, this is a significant implication," Mayor Lombardo said. "It's a game changer for the city. It's the largest building in the city at about 112,000 square feet. The revenue generated in taxes to the city, the county, and the school district will be significant."

The businesses already inside the warehouse will be able to stay. The project is expected to be completed in the next two years.

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