Does It Really Work: Zoom Tubes

Zoom Tubes are car tracks but they are nothing like your traditional toy car course. Instead of flat track pieces, each set comes with 24 connectable tub pieces that will create a track up to 12 feet long and in any configuration. The maker claims kids ages 5 and up can do it but Kurt Aaron wants to know, does it really work?


  • Jack Nguyen

    My Review on Zoom Tubes: These are “innovative” toy car tracks, which kids 5 and up supposedly play with it. They do not work very well. Traditional slot car tracks works better than Zoom Tracks.

    Pros: Easy to set up, cars run well on smaller tracks.

    Cons: Too Expensive, Cars keep getting stuck on tracks.

    Final Verdict: These are a disgrace to toy car tracks industry. They are too expensive and does worse than traditional slot tracks. Please do not recommend it nor buy it.

    Score: 4/10

    Thumbs: 👎🏻

    Final Grade: D+

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