Weather Woes for Sullivan County Fair

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FORKSVILLE, Pa. -- The sun was shining for the first day of the 167th Sullivan County Fair but the weeks, even months, leading up to this day were nothing short of tricky.

"You can't mow, of course, when we get 12 inches of rain," Jody Lambert said.

The fairgrounds in Forksville didn't flood because it sits high above Loyalsock Creek, but that wasn't the case for many surrounding areas in Sullivan County.

"Some of our members lost their houses, their basements, all their furnaces. It was hard asking them to come and volunteer here when they are trying to clear their house up," Lambert said.

The fairgrounds did have time to dry out, but vendors were concerned about getting here this week because several bridges are still out, and roads are still closed.

"The biggest concern is we weren't making a profit. Things were down everywhere; a lot of these fairs were cut in half," said James Vogel of Jimmy's Corner Soft Serve.

Setting up rides safely on a saturated ground has been the biggest issue this summer for the crew from Double M Amusement out of Lehighton.

"Might be a little smaller due to the weather situation and flooding. There is less stuff here possibly this year. But we are going to get by," said Chris Metz.

A new weather obstacle this year at the fair is now the heat and humidity, and that's an even bigger concern for the livestock.

"We have to give them plenty of cold water and make sure they always have fans blowing on them," said Blaine Warburton, a 4-H member from New Albany.

4-H members are working hard to keep the livestock safe from the heat. And if you're coming to the Sullivan County fair this week, there's plenty of shade, and cold food options for humans, too.

"We can get in and out of the rain and we can have something cold to drink, so it makes it worth it. The kids love it so much, they get so much out of being here so it's well worth it," Melissa Chase said.

The Sullivan County fair in Forksville goes through the holiday weekend and ends next Monday, September 3. Fair officials say they are ready for any weather obstacle that is thrown at them, and although there is some rain in the forecast for Thursday, admission is free for the entire day.

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