Jury Rules in Favor of State Police in Lawsuit

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A federal jury in Scranton ruled that state troopers did not violate the rights of a man they detained for several hours the day after two troopers were shot at the Blooming Grove barracks in 2014.

Jurors reached that verdict just after 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Jeffrey Hudak of Clarks Summit was suing six state troopers. He claims the troopers violated his civil rights when they arrested him as a suspect in that shooting at the Blooming Grove barracks in Pike County on September 12, 2014.

After the verdict, Hudak said he got a raw deal.

"They didn't treat me right. That's all I know," Hudak said after the verdict.

In court, Hudak claimed the day after the deadly ambush of troopers at the Blooming Grove barracks in 2014, state police approached Hudak with guns drawn. Hudak said troopers detained him for several hours, and even tried to get him to confess to the killing of state police Corporal Bryon Dickson and the wounding of Trooper Alex Douglass.

Troopers questioned Hudak because his ex-wife had a relationship with Douglass.

Troopers maintained that Hudak's story was embellished and that he was treated with respect and was free to leave at any time during questioning. Troopers let Hudak go and did not charge him with any crimes.

Two days after the incident with Hudak, state police named Eric Frein as their suspect. They caught Frein after a seven-week manhunt. Frein was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Troopers had no comment following Wednesday's decision.

"The jury has spoken," was all George Reihner, Hudak's attorney, had to say.


  • jimbrony

    Boy, I’ll bet you ol’ Jeffrey feels like a three time loser now. His wife cheats on him for a cop, the cops bring him in for questioning, and then a jury of his peers tells him he has no case. My vote is for him to be the next nut that cracks.

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