Troopers Seize More Items from Wyoming Borough

WYOMING, Pa. — State police seized more items from the Wyoming Police Department a week after its commissioner pleaded guilty to theft, according to borough and police sources.

Police Commissioner Michael Flanagan was suspended without pay last month after he was charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

He pleaded guilty last week to lesser charges and paid a fine.

Troopers investigating corruption in Wyoming borough seized a computer and two hard drives from Flanagan’s office on Friday. Investigators are not saying what they were looking for.

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  • Matt Berns

    So let me get this straight. The commissioner stole a weapon and a laptop with secure information on it and was fined for it. The previous mayor acquired state funds for the fire department’s kitchen so he could run his business out of it. And the tax collector stole a lot of money from the fire department, town hall, the library, and the citizens of Wyoming. Normally penitentiaries are for rehabilitation. I’m wondering why these people aren’t in one. What would happen to these 3 if their vehicles were stolen?

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