Man Locked Up for Making Threats Against School

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Michael Pac is behind bars for making threats against a school in Luzerne County.

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man is behind bars for making threats against a school in Luzerne County.

Authorities say Michael Pac, 30, from Rice Township left threatening messages on a family’s voicemail.

Pac is accused of threatening to blow up Rice Elementary on the first day of school which was Monday.

Authorities had extra security at the school and arrested Pac on Monday.


  • Lady Molly

    What is wrong with some people. As a mom and a gram to 4 wonderful school age grandson I would love nothing more then to take a baseball bat to theses peoples legs and arms. Not to kill just to knock some sense to the head make them think twice next time they want to make another phone call to threat any harm to anyone’s child let alone one of my own. Oh it was just nothing I was pissed. Well no you are looking for a beating. Don’t care if it was just a threat. Them words left your sorry ass mouth.

    • jimbrony

      Man threatens school, gets arrested. Woman threatens man that threatened school, *crickets*. You really don’t see the irony in your post, do you Molly? What is wrong with some people indeed.

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