Congressman Opens New Campaign Headquarters, Tractor-Trailer Slamming Representative Parks Out Front

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright opened his new campaign headquarters in Scranton on Tuesday night, but parked right out front was a tractor-trailer criticizing the representative.

The tractor-trailer took up three spaces on Wyoming Avenue. Politics aside, nearby businesses felt they were dragged into the mess, too.

People at Real Deal Barber Shop were hard at work, but the tractor-trailer made getting customers in the door difficult.

The truck slammed the barber shop’s newest next door neighbor who’s running for re-election – Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright.

“I don't care even if it was a Republican office there. We don't care as long as you do things fair. This here, this is cheap. It's not right,” Real Deal Barber Shop owner Jeffrey Grifin said.

The tractor-trailer even criticized Cartwright specifically as a “bad American.”

“Democrats in Lackawanna County might align more with President Trump than Matt Cartwright. That's the message,” Young Republicans of Lackawanna County member Christian Boris said.

Businessman Bob Bolus owns the truck. He also showed it off often during the 2016 presidential race. Bolus said the GOP paid for the truck to be parked outside Cartwright’s new campaign office for the day and show support for the Republican candidate, John Chrin.

“That's what politics is all about. It's agree to disagree. As young people, we just want to let other young people know that there is another side,” Young Republicans of Lackawanna County Chairman Justin Severe said.

As Cartwright walked in for the grand opening of his new campaign headquarters, volunteers held up signs to cover up the truck.

“It's young fellas having a prank, and I enjoy a prank as much as anybody else,” Cartwright said.

However, Cartwright said all of this comes at a bittersweet time.

“On the one hand - we get to open up this wonderful campaign office here in Scranton and you can hear it. It's just loaded with energy, but it's a bittersweet time because we lost an American patriot this week. We lost Senator John McCain,” Cartwright said.

Cartwright also opened another office Tuesday in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Bob Bolus said there are no plans in the future to park the truck in front of Cartwright’s campaign headquarters in Scranton.


  • Ryan Wagner

    It looks more like someone threw up letters and pictures on the side of a trailer. The real travesty is how awful this looks. I think the GOP should have asked for a picture first before fronting any money. Ends up looking like something a crackpot conspiracy theorist would put together.

  • John Wills

    Juvenile stunt by juveniles. The truck needs a Jersey Vanity plate with Jersey John Chrin’s Name on it.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    The trailer is a little much for my tastes, but I just had to chuckle a bit. I think Chrin’s TV ad about Cartwright supporting illegals and ‘sanctuary cities’ will do much more damage. I hope he puts out more of them calling the Dems out for what they are – supporters of illegals and dangerous criminals over American citizens.

    • haldonahue

      Republicans are supporting one of the most corrupt regimes to ever occupy the White House; and classic reaction is look over there… immigrants, Clintons, deep state (a fascist term of long standing). Crime was dropping like a rock but the conservatives and Republicans are filled with fear, so much for that “home of the brave” thing.

  • Lois Heckman

    pathetic! Republicans who are stuck on debunked conspiracy theories and still attacking the Clintons when the person in the WH is surrounded by proven criminals. I guess its all they have going. No policies to help us, no ideas… just hatred and division. in the large vocabulary of our great leader: SAD.

    • jimbrony

      What we have going is PRESIDENT DJ Trump in the White House, and not Hillary. Seriously, if the best the DEMS could come up with is Hillary it’s no wonder they lost. Hope she runs again in 2020.

      • haldonahue

        Exactly why do you think a notorious, proven liar who surrounds/surrounded himself with proven criminals is good for America? The United States is certainly weaker now than 18 months ago

      • jimbrony

        Keep telling yourself that Hal. What I see is a strong stock market, record low unemployment, more bums off welfare, better relationship with North Korea, etc, etc. Go ahead and bitch and moan for the next several years while the US heals itself from eight years of Obozo and his freak show.

  • Scott Cannon

    Only in America can a hypocritical convicted felon call decent, moral people bad Americans and not be jailed.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      These “charges” came from one Kathleen Kane (Kane Trucking), the disgraced, former A.G. of Pennsylvania. She used her position to go after a business rival, nothing more and nothing less. She’s where she belongs now…out of power.

      • jimbrony

        There you go again, confusing them with truth and facts. I can see the heads spinning now: ‘Wait, what? Is that true? Damn!’

  • haldonahue

    Long ago convicted felon Bob Bolus proved that he possessed little respect for anything. His trailer is more proof. What did he gain but more negative attention? After Trump rising the flag to spite a dead national hero, it is clear neither Trump nor Republicans have any character, pride and/or fairness; all they have left is nastiness.

    • jimbrony

      Thanks for lumping all Republicans into the same dung heap. Mind if we do the same? Mad Maxine comes to mind as ‘nasty’.

      • jimbrony

        What you said is your opinion and it means absolutely nothing to me. The problem with people like you is you’ve been so conditioned to quasi-socialism, globalism and weak government that when a real leader that stands up for the USA you’re completely blown away. Glad to see that DJT has you all unhinged.

      • haldonahue

        Donald trump is a weak leader. Ask any second lieutenant for why. trump worries only about Trump not America which is now considered unreliable by allies and ineffective by enemies. A bit of proof, if needed, is that as a direct result of Trump threats of war against North Korea; North Korea now has the new ability to hit the US with nuclear missiles.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Thanks for sharing your stupid with us, Hal. You definitely have more than enough to give away.

    • Sharon Manbeck-Freeman

      Somebody needs to read the U.S. Flag Code. For Senators, the flog is lowered on the day the Senator dies and the day after ONLY in D.C. In his state, it can be lowered for as many as 30 days. Look it up.

      • haldonahue

        Someone needs to check custom not the code. The trump slight was deliberate and petty. Even the largest veterans organizations recognized the petty slight and condemned trump’s disrespect for the flag

  • burtfan16

    Why do they keep referring to Bob Bolus as a businessman? Haven’t we all established him as a local pain in the ass who won’t go away?

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