Artists Creating New Historical Mural in Honesdale

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- Artists in part of Wayne County have been battling the weather to complete a mural depicting the area's history.

As the sun beat down on Jeff George, his brush put some of the finishing touches on a section of a much larger mural along Main Street in Honesdale.

"We're getting there," George said. "First couple weeks we were fighting the rain. Now, we have nice weather."

For several weeks now, George and another artist have been creating a scene that puts Honesdale's proud history on display for all to see.

There's the Stourbridge Lion, the first steam locomotive to run on rails in the U.S., Highlights for Children which still has offices here, and the song "Winter Wonderland" penned by Honesdale's Dick Smith.

"They wanted historic, and there's so many things historic. (You) can't combine them all into one mural," said George.

"I never knew that Art Wall won the Masters in 1959 which is incredible. He's a hometown hero," said Hawley resident Doug Krauland.

Krauland took a look at the mural for the first time. It's made possible by grants and donations. Krauland and others are impressed by the way this captures some of Honesdale's rich history.

"Makes you take a step back and say, 'Wow, look at all the things that have happened in Honesdale,'" Krauland said.

"It's tremendous. It's drawing attention to our main street, hopefully to our businesses, and hopefully improve the community altogether," Jill McConnell said.

"Any time you can have some extra art in town, it just adds to your experience," George added.

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