Clinton County Considering $5 Vehicle Registration Fee

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LOCK HAVEN, Pa. -- A public meeting in central Pennsylvania will help decide if drivers in Clinton County will pay more to register their vehicles every year.

Drivers in Clinton County currently pay $37 every year to register their vehicle. The county is considering adding an extra $5 fee.

Kevin Ferrara and his wife weren't happy to hear he could soon be paying more.

"The public hasn't been told how that money will be divided between the municipalities. We haven't seen a good plan as to how this is going to work," Kevin Ferrara said.

"It's not the fact that it is $5. It's the fact that I see this as a foothold tax. This is something they can get in the door or year after year or exponentially however they like and eventually, it will become far more than $5," Michele Whitney said.

22 other counties in Pennsylvania have already approved the new fee. The commissioners plan to give the money to local municipalities to help pay for road and bridge projects.

"My concern with this $5 fee, which may or may not be matched by PennDOT, are we actually going to see anything from our investment to our local roads and bridges?" asked Whitney.

Because community members spoke up, the commissioners have decided to hold a public meeting at their office in Lock Haven.

Commissioner Pete Smeltz showed Newswatch 16 a list of municipal roads and bridges that need to be repaired in the county.

Smeltz says the list has outgrown the county's budget. The $5 fee could be a way to help pay for the projects.

"We welcome this input; indeed, there's not a problem with that. If we are going to vote on something, we want to have clarity. We want to have assurance that we are going to do the right thing," Commissioner Smeltz said.

The commissioners hope to make a decision on the vehicle registration fee soon.



    and our ridiculous high gas taxes go where?????. D.M.V. fees go where??? yet another way for government to soak you dry, that tax will only increase si they can continue to waste our $$$$$

  • Robyn Boyer

    Isn’t that what PA’s high gas tax was supposed to do? Show us where the gas tax is going. We pay more for gas because of the taxes the governors have put on to fix the roads and bridges than MOST other states.

  • Walter E Kamora

    All it takes is one, then they all start doing it. Then it will be a yearly increase thereafter.

  • George Lamprinos

    Here we go again…tax and spend. These $5 fees are all the rage in every Pennsylvania county. Instead of charging everyone $5 extra per vehicle, how about cutting costs to the equivalent of $5 per vehicle? I bet I could save the county at least twice that amount by looking at their purchase orders. I bet I can find the same products the county purchase from different vendors at a cost savings. I know the budget is public knowledge. But I want to see the actual purchase orders and see how much they’re paying for things.

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