Manhunt for Shawn Christy Intensifies After Possible Sighting in Schuylkill County

RUSH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police are searching for a man from Schuylkill County wanted for threatening President Donald Trump.

State police and federal marshals were in Rush Township, near Tamaqua, searching for Shawn Christy Thursday night and Friday morning.

According to Rush Township supervisors, Christy was spotted trying to break into a home along Ben Titus Road Thursday night just five miles from his home in McAdoo.

Investigators searched for hours, closing Ben Titus Road in Rush Township after a homeowner says Shawn Christy broke into his house Thursday night.

When confronted, that homeowner says Christy claimed to be homeless before running off into the nearby woods. Christy's described as having a bushy beard, wearing a red baseball hat, blue jeans, and an olive-colored military-style t-shirt.

"It's just scary, I just wish he would turn himself in and give it up," Debbie Rogers said.

Just after 6 a.m. Friday, the massive search ended with no more signs of Christy. The road reopened but the fear remains.

"it's very scary," Lisa Lloyd said. "We have like a temporary tent in the backyard so that would be a good place for him to hide. My husband was actually wanting to go out there last night and I was like, 'no, you're not going out there!'"

Shawn Christy has been on the run since June, accused of threatening President Trump and other government officials.

Earlier this week, a vehicle the feds believe he stole in Maryland was found in Rush Township just a few miles from his McAdoo home.

"I hope they catch him soon! I'm not used to keeping all my doors and windows locked," said Anita Arcand.

"There's so many places to hide out around here," Rogers said.  "We were born and raised in this area. There are stripping holes, there's root cellars, there's so many places, this guy, and he's from McAdoo so he knows the area."

"I can't believe it. He's putting a lot of state police out there, a lot of money. He's just making more problems for himself, you know?" said Brian Gettig of Rush Township. "I just woke up and seen the lights and I thought it was an accident and then I realized they were probably looking for the guy yet."

U.S. Marshals and state police say they will continue to patrol and search this area until Shawn Christy is found. The reward for information leading to his arrest is $20,000.


  • lickerblisters

    This guy is definitely doing some roamer blending. How would the cops be able to pick this guy out? They all look the same after living in mountain laurel months on end. They have that long whisker covered face, those bulging bloodshot dough eyes, and the dried, crusty drool marks on the corners of their mouth. Strange place, odd people.

    • berriosisback

      Today might be a good day to play hide and seek in the skook. Everyone turns their attention to high school football today and hopefully not for the reasons Jerry, Jimmer and the priests did over the years.

  • sweetcheeks4snugpants

    He’s almost as crafty as that bicycle roamer that’s been on schuylkill county’s bench warrant list for the past 15 years. Always hammered roaming around on a 10 speed bike but local authorities are baffled about his whereabouts and how to find him. So you can figure this Christy fellow doesn’t stand for the national anthem. I’m pretty sure tricky Christy is crossdressing to fool authorities, arouse their senses.

  • berriosisback

    This Christie fellow cant make up his mind. But i guess if he wants to settle down in the closest thing to prison. The Schuylkill county woods would be it. This place isn’t sustainable to hide out in. Did you ever see the rust colored creeks here. HE drinks that water hes dead.

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