Where the Grounds Crew Camps at the Little League World Series

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT,  Pa. -- How would you like to sleepover at the Little League World Series? There is a group of volunteers that get to do just that.

With so much going on, most of the fans probably never notice a brown building behind Lamade Stadium. Every year, a few volunteers get to call it home during the series.

If take a walk up the hill behind Lamade Stadium, you might catch Wallace Simpson sitting in his reserved seat.

Wallace has a perfect view of Lamade Stadium from the deck of the brown building for a good reason -- he's a grounds crew volunteer. It's his job to keep the fields in tip-top condition during the series.

"We're here throughout the whole tournament. If it gets wet weather, we have to do what we do," Jim Dellomo said

"We try to make it the best field they ever played and I think we do a good job of it," Simpson added.

The building is a piece of the former City View Motel. Most of it was torn down but this piece is now used to house the grounds crew. They sleep there during the series.

"I call it my two weeks of hunting camp without family," Simpson said.

"The only three rooms that are left and they house the Little League grounds crew," said Bill Boll, a volunteer from York.

Some of these volunteers have been coming back for decades and it seems they don't plan on giving up their seats anytime soon.

"It's just great to see the kids' faces and if you're not recording it's nice to see these guys faces too," Simpson said.

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