Super 16 Team #2 Williamsport

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"Pressure does two things. it can either bust pipes or make diamonds. in our case, we hope it makes diamonds." >

Williamsport Head Coach Chuck Crews doesn't mind the pressure. He and his team also haven't forgotten about last year's one point loss to Hazleton in the first round of the Class 6A Playoffs. talent flashed all year on the field for the Millionaires. with an offense that averaged more than 36 points per game returning a lot of its key stars, expectations are high heading into this season.

"Every program across the State should expect to go undefeated and win a State Championship. we're no different," said Williamsport Head Coach Charlie Crews. "I don't feel like I'm disrespecting anyone or anybody. if you're not out here to win and get better, you might as well stay in bed."

"We got a lot of hype right now." chirped Senior Wide Receiver Marcus Simmons. "we can't let all of that get to our head at one time. we just have to take it week by week, practice hard and worry about our opponent on whatever week we're playing."

"This is what we live for. this is what we come out here for every day. we're just feeling good about and we're excited as it gets closer." added Senior Lineman Tucker Kreisher, "It's building up inside of us because this is what we've been waiting for all year since the last snap of last year."

And the Millionaires are set to add one of the best Running Backs in the State to the offense this year in Treyson Potts. the gifted Senior, who's committed to play college ball at Minnesota missed last year with a torn ACL. the man coaches and teammates call "three" says he's back full go and better than he was prior to the injury.

"I feel great. not only physically, but mentally. having the whole year off, i got time to actually sit down and think about myself, do a lot of watching highlights." revealed Potts, "X's and O's, scheme, stuff like that. i was in the weight room training and all that stuff, so i was getting ready."

"Joe Fagnano became an All State Quarterback in his first year starting without Treyson." mused Coach Crews, "Marcus Simmons probably should've been an All-State Wide Receiver with the numbers he had. both those gentleman in their first year as full-time starters acquitted themselves as if they've been doing this all their life."

Williamsport opens the season Friday against Central Mountain. Chase Senior NW 16 sports, Williamsport.

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