Honoring Their Fellow Veterans

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A group of veterans in Luzerne County took the time to honor their fellow veterans with a picnic.

For four years, veterans have gathered under a pavilion in Plains Township to eat and enjoy time together.

"The more we can do for them, the more we'll do," John Magda, Polish American Veterans.

The picnic near Wilkes-Barre is hosted by the Polish American Veterans.

The organization supplies all the food and invites local veterans from nursing homes in the area.

"We are all vets and we like to get these guys down from the VA. Most of us go up there for care anyhow. We bring them down, social and get them out," member Sam Austin said.

The veterans who attended the picnic say the best part of the event is that it is put on by their fellow veterans.

"It's an honor for a veteran to be honoring another veteran. That's what great about it," said veteran Fred Searles.

"There's World War II guys, Korean guys, Vietnam guys and all over the place and this is the only time they get out. Maybe only once or twice a year," Austin said.

There were veterans from all walks of life at the picnic including a Silver Star recipient and a decorated World War II veteran.

"I've been here the last time as well and I always appreciate being invited," said World War II veteran Robert Megatulski.

The veterans enjoy the food and a little music.

Most of all, they enjoyed being with one another.

"Beautiful day, I'm sitting here in the sun. Best medicine in the world. I'm free, breathing fresh air. I'm home," Searles said.

"I think it helps show your support for us because we serve you all, you know, and we work hard and we know it is for people that deserve it," said Navy veteran Derbert Dilworth.

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