Business Owner Donated Structure to Flooded-out Legion Post

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TREMONT, Pa. -- A business owner in Schuylkill County, who was denied entry into the Marines because of an injury when he was younger, has decided to give back to veterans.

He donated a shed that serves as a temporary home for a post that was condemned following flash flooding.

Shortly before noon, members of American Legion Post 384 in Tremont stood outside waiting -- for what, exactly, they weren't sure but a few minutes later, they'd find out.

Due to flash flooding that has wreaked havoc on Tremont this summer, Post 384 is damaged beyond repair. The post has been a staple in this Schuylkill County borough since the late 1930s.

Wondering where it would go next, a local business owner solved that predicament by donating a 12'x24' shed to be used as a temporary home.

"As the American Legion, we serve our community first. Community, state, nation. That is right in our constitution and that is what we believe. We serve our community. But it's temporary, but it's better than nothing. It actually means quite a bit to us," said post service officer Ted Lebo.

Samuel Kutz, owner of Kutz Structures in Pine Grove, donated the shed to the post.

As a teenager, Kutz planned on enlisting in the Marines, but broke his neck in 2002 car accident and was denied. He says today is special for him because he's able to give back to those who served our country.

"I love our veterans, very much so. and I would do anything for them, Because they've done so much for me and my country," Kutz said. "They can meet in here. talk about things they need to talk about and address things. The sun is still going to come up tomorrow. We're going to make it through this. This is not where the road ends."

The post plans to build a permanent home in Tremont sometime in the future.

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