At Little League World Series, Parking for a Good Cause

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- With the Little League World Series underway, it's hard to find a parking space in one part of Lycoming County this week but a business in South Williamsport gives away its parking lot every year for a good cause.

Instead of charging money to park in their lot, every year Beiter's Home Center gives away its lot so a local nonprofit can raise money for its organization.

Beiter's Home Center is just across Route 15 from the Little League World Series complex.

This year, Family Promise of Lycoming County is using the businesses parking lot to raise money for its organization.

It's a nonprofit that helps families become self-sufficient. The group hopes to raise around $16,000 this year.

While most places are charging $10 for a parking spot. It costs $5 to park at Beiter's.

The organization said they wanted to make it affordable for families who may want to come more than once this week.

"If you're only coming one day $5, $10 doesn't make a difference for a family, but if families come for a week, 10 days, $10 makes a big difference for families, so we are kind of working for our heart rather than our wallets," said Mary Ann Vance of Family Promise of Lycoming County.

Beiter's parking lot is closed on Sunday for the Little League World Championship game.

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