Rescheduling After Little League Rain Delays

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- It always seems to rain at least once at the Little League World Series.

Tuesday's three games were washed out and had to be postponed. When it rains, Little League officials must adjust and keep the tournament running smoothly.

With 10 days of baseball scheduled at the Little League World Series, it always seems like there is at least one day that's a washout. This year, that day was Tuesday.

"What we'll do is we'll start trying to find a way to play those games. Any way that we can to make sure our tournament runs on schedule," Brian McClintock said.

Brian McClintock is the spokesperson for the Little League World Series. He says when there is a day like Tuesday, operations and tournament staff work with the grounds crew and the National Weather Service to see if they can play.

"If we need to make a decision to delay or postpone games fully for the day, we'll make that hard decision," McClintock said.

Gwen Stiger was here in the rain.

"It was basically a waiting game. We just sat in the stands and talked with everyone and just watched people slide down the hill," Stiger said.

Three games were postponed. A consolation game was moved to Thursday and the other two games were moved to Wednesday.

Since the games are at the same time, fans have the option of going back and forth between the two stadiums. But some people tell Newswatch 16 they plan to just stick around in one place.

"I'm staying for the 3 p.m. game and the 7:30 game," Bill Henry said.

All of the games are usually televised on ESPN. Since some of them are being played at the same time, the games at Volunteer Stadium will air on ESPN 3.

"We'll have the highlights on our website. We'll have the recaps on our website from all of our games. We want the fans back home to be able to experience that, to watch and follow their teams as well. It's not ideal, but we're working through it," McClintock said.

Friday is always kept open as a makeup day in case of something like this. Even so, Little League likes to keep Friday open as a free day for the kids, so scheduling games on Friday is a last resort.

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