Flood Victims go on with Harford Fair Duties

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Across Susquehanna County, there's a lot of recovering left to do.

A bank building was knocked out in Lawton one week ago. Entire roads washed out near Hallstead are under emergency repairs, and Franklin Forks is still a disaster zone. The United Methodist Church was hit hard, and across the road, hot tubs washed away from Back Acre Hot Tubs upstream.

"Our driveway's gone. Our yard is a mess. There's mud everywhere. There's a lot of cleanup," said Krista Naylor, Back Acre Hot Tubs.

Despite all that, Krista Naylor is manning her spot at the Harford Fair the rest of this week while the damage at home and her business is weighing on her mind.

"The flooding set us back a little bit, should have been in here Monday."

Last week when those heavy rains hit the Franklin Forks area, the Naylor family jumped into action and moved hot tubs to higher ground so they weren't swept away in the floodwaters, but plenty more was.

Karen Rafferty spends this week at the fair with family making food. She lost her home and a lot more inside and admits she's emotionally drained.

"Lost everything, my gorgeous flower beds," Rafferty said. "When I'm not here, my mind's thinking about what's my next step, what I lost, because I lost a lot. It will be OK."

"It's been a struggle for Jess Sudhop as well, showing horses this week at the fair after the floods washed out roads, her family farm's well for drinking water, and more.

"We go back and we're relying on hay fields but can't rely on that anymore. They got washed out, so now we got to wait to cut down and let it grow back again," Sudhop said.

Stands at the Harford Fair are accepting donations to help the flood victims through Saturday.

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