Medical School, Colleges Fighting Food Insecurity

SCRANTON, Pa. -- What started as an orientation idea has ballooned into a big event going on this week at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine to feed hungry people in the community.

By Thursday, a hallway will be filled with masters students from the med school, along with undergrads from Lackawanna College and Keystone College.

As many as 250 students will be putting together 10,000 healthy meals that will be distributed to students at three elementary schools in Scranton that they can take home for the whole family.

The vice dean for graduate education says many of the college students will be learning about food insecurity this year, and this is an area that needs help.

"These are individuals who believe they want to be part of the health care workforce of the future. And in order to do that, you have to understand the challenges facing your community. Nutrition is huge, but access to quality food can be even greater," said Scott Koerwer.

Area nonprofit Here for a Reason will be in charge of the food packaging at the medical school this week.