Clergy Sex Scandal Fallout: Renaming Buildings After Release of Grand Jury Report

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- There is a lot to do before fall classes begin next week at the University of Scranton, perhaps the biggest job is renaming three campus buildings.

Those buildings were named for former bishops of the Diocese of Scranton.

A grand jury report alleges Bishops J. Carroll McCormick, Jerome Hannan, and James Timlin all covered up the crimes of abusive priests.

"I think it's great. I think they reacted really well to it. Obviously, it was a horrible thing. The Catholic Church was covering up all these heinous acts, and yeah, I think it’s a good thing they finally changed the names of people who were involved in that,” said Steven Parrinelli, a graduate student at the University of Scranton.

University President Rev. Scott Pilarz say the buildings will be renamed: MacKillop Hall for McCormick Hall, Romero Plaza for Mulberry Plaza and Timlin House, and Giblin-Kelly Hall for Hannan Hall.

"The University of Scranton is a great place, you know with the Jesuits, they're great people. I feel that what they did, what Fr. Pilarz is a great thing to get those people off and I look at the people who are doing the right thing for the Catholic religion," said Kevin Roginski, a university employee.

University leaders say they understand last week's report may trigger painful memories for some here on campus who may themselves have been the victims of sexual abuse.

"Instead of just stopping it and letting it go, we are in a sense making a step to spread positivity and do things to honor people who have done things to help victims of sexual abuse and who have died for our country,” said student Abbey Murphy.


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