Drug Ring Busted After Selling Pills to High School Students

SELINSGROVE, Pa. -- Fifteen people were charged in one of the biggest drug busts in Snyder County history.

The district attorney’s office said these drug dealers had thousands of pills, and they were being sold inside Selinsgrove Area High School.

Students we talked to at the high school were too afraid to go on camera, but they said the school has felt more like a drug den.

The district attorney's office said Noah Hendricks was at the center of a drug ring, selling marijuana, pain pills, and cocaine to teens at the high school.

Parent Lisa Hoover said she knows him.

“It does shock me, but with everything going on nowadays with the drugs, it's surprising really who's on it. It's really surprising,” Hoover said.

The D.A.’s office said in the spring of last year, Hendricks had 12,000 Xanax pills and in days, six Selinsgrove area teenagers overdosed on those pills.

“He dropped thousands of pills into the community, into a community of teenagers,” Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch said.

Nine adults and six juveniles were charged in the drug bust, all accused of helping to sell those pills and drugs.

The nine adults charged were:

  • Noah Hendricks
  • Juvon Batts
  • Jeffrey Dzierzawiec
  • Brice Harro
  • Rasheed Hill
  • Florin Nork
  • Lamont Patterson
  • Zach Broome
  • Brendan Carner

Juvon Batts was an all-state football player in 2016 and member of the WNEP Dream Team for his outstanding plays.

School starts in Selinsgrove on Wednesday. The D.A.’s office said there will be changes there.

“For anyone who thinks like, 'Oh, that's not going to happen in Snyder County. That's not going to happen in my school,' It can happen. We have to be really vigilant that drug dealers don't take advantage of these closed environments,” Piecuch said.

On top of selling drugs to teens, Piecuch said Hendricks was also behind an armed robbery at Susquehanna University last year and then another attempted robbery at a university in the western part of the state.

“It's shocking. I mean, anything like that in the district is really shocking to see, and to hear and to know that, especially when you know them and you knew their families personally. It's very hard, and I hope the kids get the help they need,” Hoover said.

Hendricks is locked up on $2 million bail. He will be back in court again for his preliminary hearing later this month.


  • jimbrony

    Great investigative reporting WNEP. Juvon, Rasheed, and Lamont (all on the Amish scholarship?) were also implicated in the SU robbery last year. So why are they still on the street? ‘We have to be vigilant’ Yeah, OK. This isn’t the 60’s where the big mean drug pusher is hooking little Timmy and Sally on drugs. You’ve taken some dealers down, but the demand is still there. They’ll just buy their drugs from someone else.

  • burtfan16

    My question is this: How long did law enforcement let this ring operate before they busted it? How many pills did they let drop into the community before they were able to round up as many suspects as they could.

  • jsrant

    String him up and never let go. These people prey on whom ever they can get,sad. We need tougher laws for dealers. Wait a minute, could doctors be charged as well?

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