Rainy Tomato Fight in Pittston

PITTSTON, Pa. -- The rain was falling and the tomatoes were flying in Luzerne County Saturday.

Some downpours didn't dampen the fun during the tomato fights at the Pittston Tomato Festival.

Participants in the festival's iconic event lined up across from one another and opened fire.

"It was brutal. I got hit right in the eye," said Jackie Kobeski of Pittston.

"My crazy friends and family said, 'You gotta come do this,' and I can't throw. I wouldn't get up close because I was gonna get nailed, so then I stayed back, and I can't throw far enough, but it was fun," said Jonni Balliet of Pittston.

The food fight highlighted the third day of Pittston's annual celebration of all things tomato.

The Tomato Festival wraps up Sunday.

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