Water Activities Postponed at Sunbury’s Riverfest

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SUNBURY, Pa. -- Part of Market Street in Sunbury is closed for a few days but people don't seem to mind. This is Sunbury's 29th annual Riverfest.

There are games, music, and lots of food. A big concern was the heavy traffic when Route 15 was closed due to a crane crash.

"We thought maybe that was going to discourage people from coming here. We thought between the rain that was supposed to come today and the traffic, we thought people were going to ignore the area. But so far it has been pretty good," Bryan Wendt said.

Organizers expect more than 10,000 people to come to Riverfest, and say they are relieved now that Route 15 is open.

"We had a lot of people who didn't go to The Valley's Got Talent last night because they were afraid of the traffic on Front Street. This weekend should be better since (Route) 15 is open," Mark Lawrence said.

"I had debated if the road wasn't open, I wasn't sure if I was coming this year," Carol Leininger said.

"We got around pretty well, but it took a little while," Helen Tobias said.

The event is called Riverfest, but because of the high water levels, all of the events on the water had to be postponed.

The water is lowering, but it's muddy and there is a lot of debris.

"Cardboard boat regatta and the boat parade are postponed until probably next month. We have a wine and brew festival next month we're hoping we can do it then," Lawrence said.

Riverfest concludes Saturday night with fireworks.

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