Diocese Issues Statement on Bishop Timlin’s Status

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Bishop James Timlin

SCRANTON, Pa. — The former Bishop of Scranton will not be authorized to represent the diocese in any way while a review is underway into his actions regarding sexual abuse by clergy.

This week’s report from the Attorney General alleged Bishop James Timlin covered up allegations of abuse against priests and authorized payments to victims.

The diocese on Friday released the following statement:

“Following the release of the Grand Jury report, Bishop Bambera has instructed the Diocese’s Independent Review Board to conduct a formal assessment of Bishop Emeritus James Timlin’s handling of previous allegations of abuse during his time as the head of the Diocese of Scranton and to make recommendations as to his role in the Diocese moving forward. This review process has already begun and the recommendations are expected no later than August 31, 2018. Simultaneously, Bishop Bambera has referred the matter to the Holy See, which has authority over Bishop Timlin’s canonical status. 

“This is consistent with how the Diocese handles all similar allegations.  As in all cases, while these matters are under review, Bishop Timlin is not authorized to represent the Diocese of Scranton in any public events, liturgical or otherwise.”


    • Robert Mills

      These Priests who committed the acts of pedophilia are Bulls**t, not religion and I truly believe that those who used the name of Jesus Christ and performed those sex acts with a child will answer to him one day and they will not like his judgement.

  • Matt Berns

    I’m glad he won’t be doing anything in the diocease anymore. 30 years too late. Better late than never though. Now when does he see the inside of a cell.

  • jimbrony

    Wow, there’s something new: Scranton and corruption. Dear Catholic friends, open your Bibles and your hearts to Jesus. Mary was a mortal, praying to her does nothing. Turn away from the false religion of Rome and save yourselves.

    • jimbrony

      Seriously-where in the Bible does it instruct us to pray to Mary? Or confess our sins to a mortal man in a box – and then be absolved of them by chanting some nonsense? Or have a string of magic beads? Brainwashing at its finest.

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