Water Rescues Overnight in Nicholson

NICHOLSON, Pa. -- Rescue crews worked overnight in the dark and fog to save people from flood water in Wyoming County.

More than half a dozen people were pulled from their homes along Horton Creek early Wednesday morning.

The creek is out of its banks, surrounding properties, and flowing onto roadways.

It was a frightening way to wake up Wednesday morning.

"I realized that the neighbor's house was getting water all around so i kept calling and calling and calling and we finally got that them out," said Mindy Spickerman."

Rescue workers also helped save nine people escape along with their pets.

"They did a swift water rescue, wasn't actually dive work, it was swift water work, so they did a great job, they came in with their boats, got set up, went right to work, getting people out," explained Nicholson Fire Company Assistant Fire Chief Scott Aylesworth.