Food Donations Help Flood Victims in Port Carbon

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PORT CARBON, Pa. -- Drive through Port Carbon and you still see the streets lined with heaps of rain-soaked belongings that now serve as trash. The sound of generators is still humming in this Schuylkill County community following Monday's flash flooding.

"Our citizens have gone through a heck of a lot. There's a lot still without power, a lot still without water. We're trying to do the best we can," said Mayor Harold Herndon.

Although times are tough, the kind acts of people are shining through and providing some positivity. The Greater Berks Food Bank delivered 5,000 pounds of nonperishable food items to Tremont and Port Carbon.

"The outpouring of support from the surrounding communities, including the surrounding counties has been amazing. It's just very, very great that we see they're caring," said borough council member Chuck Joy.

Borough officials tell Newswatch 16 that more than 100 homes in Port Carbon are still without power, so people can't do simple things like cook. Having this food available to them is a huge help to everyone who lives here.

"I'm sure it's greatly appreciated by all. This is the second flood in 12 years. They're dealing with a lot," Angela Honisch said.

Everybody seems to be chipping in to help, regardless of age or status. One young man helped clean people's houses to speed up the cleanup. He donated all of the money he was given to the borough.

"I was cleaning basements out and I decided to do it because people needed help doing it. And I decided to clean up their garbage and their trash," Brody Beddick said.

Flood victims say all they can do is keep plugging along.

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