Water Slow to Recede in Scranton

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Some people in Scranton were stranded Tuesday due to flooding in the Electric City. The water showed up in some familiar places as well as some places for the first time.

People who live along North Merrifield Avenue in west Scranton are used to flooding from time to time, but nothing like this.

"This is the worst ever, but every time we get anything from just a moderate storm, we get flooding, a couple inches in our basements. It's a fight all the time," said Leonard Srebro of Scranton.

The residents blame a blocked drainage pipe that couldn't handle the six inches of rain that fell Monday.

Mike Camerota showed us his flooded basement which at its worst was several feet deep.

People who live in Lutherwood Apartments on Scranton's east mountain are not used to flooding.

"It was surprising to see it all down here like that because we kept saying, 'Oh, we're so lucky. We're up on a hill. We don't have to worry about the rain," Patt Johnson said.

The residents were stranded as the main route out of the apartment building, Lake Scranton Road, was flooded.

"I woke up this morning. We were supposed to be going to the beach. And then I came out and I said, 'Oh my God.' So I took a walk down to the road and I couldn't get out. I'll just have to wait and see what happens," said Mary Smith.

Scranton DPW worked to pump the water out to free Lutherwood's residents.

Meanwhile, PennDOT was out working on Interstate 81. Officials say heavy rain damaged the shoulder of the northbound lanes near the River Street exit.

Just a day before, the highway was like a river. Runoff flooded the highway. PennDOT says the work to repair the road should take a few more days.


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