Port Carbon in Cleanup Mode Following Historic Flooding

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PORT CARBON, Pa. -- Folks spent hours Tuesday cleaning wet, mud-filled homes in Schuylkill County.

Sidewalks in Port Carbon were littered with large piles of damaged belongings that will soon be headed to a nearby dumpster.

Clouds of dust swirled in the air as cars passed by with dirt and mud serving as reminders of Monday's flash flooding that ravaged this Schuylkill County community.

"About 6:30, we started to remove some things from the basement. The creek behind our house was normal. And about 8:30 it had risen about nine and a half feet," Phil Klinger said.

Raging floodwaters wiped away Klinger's brick path in his backyard. His basement is still full of water a day later.

Across the street, it was a similar fate for Brody's Bar and Grill.

"Mud about this thick all over the floor and even the bathrooms. It's literally just mud and stuff thrown from the current, I guess, that came through here. My freezer is toppled over. All the food destroyed. Just cleaning up now," Rhiannon Kovacs said.

Along Coal Street, several people were evacuated from their homes. One couple said the water level was as high as the porch. The current was so strong that it actually knocked out a cinderblock wall.

Others are dealing with the loss of sentimental items.

"Family pictures, all of my Christmas decorations, just everything," Heather Snyder said.

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