People Band Together in Bradford County During Flooding

MONROETON, Pa. -- Rain continued to pound parts of northeastern and central Pennsylvania on Tuesday. One of the hardest hit by flooding was Monroeton in Bradford County.

People watched in the rain on Monday night as the Towanda Creek rose higher and higher. Some braced for flooding in Bradford County by heading to higher ground.

“We're loading up stuff at home, and we're going to my grandma's tonight. It could flood easily,” 8-year-old Lilah Delamater said.

Others chose to stay behind and deal with the aftermath on Tuesday.

“Here we go again in tears. There ain't nothing you can do,” Judy Kerrick said.

Judy and her husband Dave have been through four floods together. This time, there was 8 inches of flood water on the first floor of their home, and the entire basement was underwater.

It was more damage than they expected.

“There was a lot of water and when it comes over the road, it comes over the road. It was an angry creek,” Dave Kerrick said.

Even though it took the family hours to pump out the basement, it only took minutes to fill up.

“[The water] just roars when it comes through. I mean, you can sit in the house with the windows open and you can listen to the creek when its up,” Dave Kerrick said.

However, they weren’t alone in the muddy mess. Friends pitched in all day to help the Kerricks clean.

“We have to work together so much to get through stuff like this. Not only the floods but the fires and natural disasters. I mean it's a close-knit community,” Paul McConnell of Sayre said.

As the day came to a close, the Kerrick’s had to figure out where they’ll sleep. However, they’re still feeling very thankful.

“Everybody is OK. Nobody is hurt. I feel sorry for people who lose their house with this stuff because you can't replace it because it just washes away,” Judy Kerrick said.

In the last two days, Monroeton has gotten 6 to 8 inches of rain, and it is expected to continue through the week.


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