Flooding Buckles Road in Old Forge

OLD FORGE, Pa. -- The flooding problems continue in Lackawanna County Tuesday morning.

The Lackawanna River, where it meets Lonesome Road in Old Forge, is one of the big trouble spots.

The river spilled over its banks, flooding this part of Old Forge. The river went from one foot deep to 15 feet deep in just a few hours Monday afternoon.

The river began to drop after that spike late Monday night. Officials in Old Forge declared a state of emergency on Monday.

When the Lackawanna River poured over its banks, it dislodged big chunks of pavement and left the road covered in debris.

It also left Mike Schuback's auto repair business covered in mud.

This isn't his first flood and it probably won't be his last. Schuback says he isn't going anywhere.

"It's a family business," Schuback said. "This is Old Forge. Everybody takes a lot of pride in running a family business. My family started this many years ago."

So Schuback will get rid of the muck the river left behind and go back to servicing cars.

You didn't have to be close to the river to be flooded. Water pouring off the mountain sent rocks and dirt on to streets in the Austin Heights section of Old Forge.

Public works employees were sent in to clear the streets.

Across the river in Moosic, Joe Watson cleaned the mud and damaged items out of Coffee's Automotive Center. Like Schuback's, this is not Coffee's first flood.

"It's like a fire drill, so you know the river is coming over, you got your stuff out, lift everything up as you can and come in the next day and clean the ground," Watson explained.

Coffee's sells classic cars. The staff moved just about all of them to higher ground, and the one Corvette that was here went up on the lift, high above the flood water from the Lackawanna River.

An ice cream stand in Moosic, not far from the Lackawanna River tried to keep the water out using sand bags and plastic. Still, some water did get in to the building. Debris from the Lackawanna River piled up under the tables in the picnic table area, and it will have to be picked out.

The owner says he and his staff moved out everything. They had only one inch of water in the building. He hopes to have his ice cream stand open by Wednesday.

While the river here is very high and very dangerous, it is still below the all-time record crest of 20 feet back in 1955.

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