Business in Sullivan County Hit Hard by Flooding

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DAVIDSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The largest private employer in Sullivan County has taken a major hit. Flooding damaged nearly all of the company's inventory at its building in Sonestown.

Sonestown is cleaning up and pumping out waterfilled basements.

Just 24 hours ago, Muncy Creek overflowed its banks. Most of the village was evacuated.

"It rose so quickly this road here became a river," said Chris Kleinsasser, North Mountain Supply.

While many were concerned about their homes. Kleinsasser and his family were worried about their employees at North Mountain Supply.

The online retailer that sells supplies for homebrewed beer and wine is the largest private employer in Sullivan County.

Several employees were still inside when rushing waters pushed a tractor trailer several feet. The truck nearly hit the building.

"It was too fast moving to get out with a car. The fire department came in with a front end loader and picked people up two loads and hauled us out," Kleinsasser explained.

All the employees are OK. Most of the inventory is not.

"We've already done a lot of clean up already here," said Kleinsasser. "We really didn't get much of anything. I mean, computers were destroyed. We didn't have much time for anything."

Many of the employees are working for free now, volunteering their time in hopes of getting the business back on its feet.

"Right now, they are trying to see what we haven't lost and what we have to order and stuff," said Alexander Laubscher. "Everyone is still going to have their jobs, but for a month or so, we're going to have to clean up this place,"

"I'm not going to lie. It's discouraging. I heard there's a state of emergency being declared, so hopefully there will be some things we can apply for there," Kleinsasser said.

The company does not have flood insurance. They're estimating nearly a half a million dollars in damage.

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  • Tom Eberlin

    If the creeks were cleaned out like they used to this shit wouldn’t happen. PA Fish and Boat commission , DEP, and the EPA should all be sued out of existence. The life of a crayfish is more important than the life of a human? Tell you what those crayfish are gone.

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