Bloomsburg Residents Back Home

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- People in the west end of Bloomsburg were allowed back home at 8 a.m. Tuesday after Monday's mandatory evacuations. Many came home to flooded basements and got right to work cleaning up.

Cleanup was the name of the game for Rocky Arnhold and his family in Bloomsburg. They spent the morning pumping, hosing, and scrubbing.

"As soon as it got to the top, we knew it was going to come up. By the time we left, the street had just started to flood," Arnhold said.

Flash flooding came fast, forcing people from their homes on the west end of Bloomsburg. When the water receded, it left behind a big mess.

"We just got home so we're going to see. We had two sump pumps running, so hopefully it's not terrible," Kim Bilodeau said.

"When you leave, you don't know how high it's coming, so you have no clue until you come back the next day," Deb Beyer said.

The Arnhold family lost appliances.

"A washer, dryer, and a hot water heater," Arhnold said. "We had just replaced it from two weeks ago flooding."

It's not just homes that flooded. Some businesses in Bloomsburg also got a lot of damage.

Ellen Rubenstein is the office manager at Dr. Brown's Eye Care right outside the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. This is the third time the office has flooded, but they like the location.

"We lost equipment, paper goods. We did get the computers out. That was one of the few things, but a lot of the equipment and glasses," said Ellen Rubenstein.

Officials in Columbia County are also keeping a close eye on the Susquehanna River as it continues to rain in Bloomsburg.

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