More Flash Flooding in Watsontown

WATSONTOWN, Pa. -- There's another round of flash flooding plaguing parts of northeast and central Pennsylvania.

Parts of the Watsontown area are under water Monday morning.

Police and fire crews were knocking on doors starting around 4 a.m. Monday in Watsontown, warning people near streams and creeks to get out.

Fast-moving storms dumped rain that quickly flooded streams and creeks.

Tannery Run in the borough overflowed fast, forcing early morning rescues.

"Police came about 3:30 in the morning, 4 o'clock, woke us up, water was already in our yard, probably a foot from coming into the front of our house," John Pick said.

A roadway in Delaware Township closed as water poured over it. Yards turned into pools, basements filled, too.

A porch on one home collapsed.

The borough equipment building was surrounded by floodwater.

"It's just so quick. I mean it's flash and you see it goes down, but when it's up, it's bad," Barb Pick said.

Folks who were forced to leave their homes went to Warrior Run Fire Department.

"They had to take a boat in and get my dogs out," Brenda Grable said. "They went in and got the dogs and that's all I got out of the house, but that's all I need."

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