Homeowners Dealing with Flooding in Benton

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BENTON, Pa. -- Flood waters were raging at the dam on Fishing Creek in Benton on Monday.

Kaili Bowman lives across the street and says she's worried about her neighbors.

"We're going to get a double header because it's supposed to rain tonight, so it's pretty scary," Bowman said.

Just down the road on Third Street, neighbors were dealing with 12 feet of flooding in their basements.

Andrew Kester moved in to his new home on Third Street this Sunday. He says his entire basement is underwater.

"Our basement is completely flooded. I just filled up all the oil tanks. They're gone. The furnaces are gone," Kester said.

Some residents had to be rescued from their homes by fire crews.

As the rain continued to fall, neighbors did what they could to get around. They know it will take a long time to clean up.

"A lot of people down here are going to be needing clean-out help, people to come in and get the walls out, the basements out, old furnaces, whatever. They're going to be dealing with this for weeks," added Kester.

"Pray for Benton, seriously. Yeah, just pray for Benton because it is pretty scary," said Bowman.

This is the 22nd day of rainfall since the Fourth of July. The Stormtracker 16 team says we're expecting to get even more rain this week.

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