Flash Floods Rip through Benton as Fishing Creek Rises

BENTON, Pa. -- Heavy rain caused Fishing Creek in Columbia County to spill out of its banks Monday, causing flooding in Benton and other areas nearby.

"It's just crazy how quick it came up, you know? I don't think anybody was expecting for it to be this bad," Forrest Diltz said.

Water from Fishing Creek flooded several homes and businesses throughout the community.

Dozens of people looked on as the water rose.

"When you live by a lake and the water rises, you deal with it. When water rises on a creek, you deal with it. I'm sure it's backed up in other places and you'll figure it out later," Brian Barchick said.

Columbia County Emergency Management could not give us an exact number of how many people had to be rescued because of the flooding, but local firefighters tell us they rescued about five people from their homes.

"I've got a couple friends that live in town. I haven't heard from them," said Diltz. "It's bad looking."

The National Guard and several other agencies came into Benton to help with the rescue efforts.

As the water starts to recede, the community members say they'll lean on one another as they try to deal with all the damage.

"Obviously, this isn't the first time this has happened. It's a resilient group. They're not the Benton Tigers and all that type of stuff for no reason," Barchick said.

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