Police: Hit and Run Driver Arrested at His Home in Edwardsville

PLYMOUTH, Pa. -- Police in Plymouth say Kenneth Hunter, 39 of Edwardsville, hit another man with his car and then drove away.

"I didn't hear nothing. I was sleeping usually I hear everything. Commotions because it's a busy street," said Sara Ciciani.

According to court papers, Hunter was giving his girlfriend a ride to her home on East Main Street in Plymouth when the two began to fight.
Police say the fight got so bad, Hunter's girlfriend jumped from the car.

Police say after Hunter's girlfriend jumped out of the car, then turned the car around and then ran over the victim.

The victim is 19-year-old Wayne Coine.

Several neighbors were there when it all happened.

"State troopers, town police. I saw the kid laid out on the ground and I didn't want to interject in their investigation," said Jan Muth.

Police have charged Hunter with aggravated assault, reckless driving and for driving on a suspended license as a result of a DUI.

People in the area tell Newswatch 16 what bothers them the most about the crash is that Hunter did not stop to help the victim.

"Even if you're drunk or high, you know when you hit a person," said Muth.

"I mean, it's sad to see somebody get hit and they leave. They should stay and help that person. I mean, God bless him. I hope he makes it," said Ciciani.

Newswatch 16 has learned Hunter is a registered sex offender under Pennsylvania's Megan's Law.

He is being held at the Luzerne County jail under $100,000 bond.



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